What? You Don’t Have an Accomplishment Journal? Start Today! 2

It’s not uncommon to get so bogged down with everyday tasks that we don’t take enough time to reflect on what we’ve accomplished at the end of each work week. As time goes by, we may even forget some key accomplishments, or begin to feel like we’re not accomplishing much at all. One great way to avoid this fatigue is to start an accomplishment journal.

It’s easy. And, often can provide a nice little self-esteem boost. Start off by spending the last few minutes of each day just thinking about what you’ve accomplished that day. This can be while you’re logging off your computer, tidying up your desk and getting ready to head out the door. Keep a note pad handy, and jot down anything that comes to mind.

Next, near the end of your week, block out 10-15 minutes of your schedule to look over your notes. Examine your accomplishments through the lens of how they had a positive impact on your company’s bottom line.

Examples include:

  • Did you make or save the company money?
  • Did you make your business more competitive?
  • Did you improve processes to save time and/or make work easier?
  • Did you strengthen relationships with a key client or vendor?
  • Did you attract or retain any important customers?
  • Did you solve an issue or challenge?

Add these accomplishments to your journal. It can be electronic or handwritten, but be sure to include dates, details and quantifiable results whenever possible. I like to also keep a folder to put any handwritten thank you notes (from customers, colleagues, bosses, etc.), positive performance reviews, published articles or any other items that highlight your achievements.

The benefits of your new accomplishment journal will quickly become apparent the next time you:

  • Write your next performance review.
  • Need to provide evidence that you deserve a raise and/or promotion.
  • Update your résumé, cover letter and Linked In profile.

Need additional help writing your résumé, Linked In profile or cover letter? Email me at mitch@restoremyresume.com for more information. Or fill out the form here.

About Mitchell Langford

My passion is helping jobseekers develop the tools they need to land jobs they’ll love. From résumé review/writing to LinkedIn profile development and focused personal marketing materials, my goal is help relieve some of the anxiety surrounding your job search.

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