Elements to Include in your Résumé’s Qualifications Summary

If you’ve held a number of roles within the same discipline, consistently been promoted and have key accomplishments spread throughout a number of different jobs; it may be time to add a Qualifications Summary section to your résumé.

A Qualifications Summary (a.k.a. “Executive Summary” for senior-level job hunters) gives you the opportunity to lead with your best and most meaningful transferrable achievements. It also gives you the opportunity to add some personal branding, a focus statement and pack your résumé with relevant keywords.

Here’s a checklist of just a few of the various elements you can include to create a powerful Qualifications Summary:

1) Your job title and/or your desired job title/functional area.

2) Industries

3) Years of experience

4) Key accomplishments

5) Areas of expertise

6) Advanced degrees or licensure

7) Awards or recognition

8) Special skills (ex. Bilingual, international business, etc.)


Click here to see examples of a powerful qualifications summaries.

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